Raising technology
for a sustainable future

Daitem builds and cultivates innovative data-driven systems to accelerate the transition to a regenerative, equitable economy.

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Product Development

We design, architect, and build scalable systems that enable access to earth systems data.

  • Sensor development and validation
  • Satellite and remote-sensing data integration
  • Cloud-enabled data pipeline engineering
  • Mapping and web application development
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Analytics & Modeling

We build high-performance models and analyses from traditional and geospatial data streams.

  • GIS and geospatial analyses
  • Machine-learning model development
  • Experimental data analysis


We provide scientific, technical, and project management services to help your project grow and succeed.

  • Experimental design and review
  • Project planning and architecture
  • Code Review and Assessment
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Our Work

We have extensive experience working with private and governmental clients, including the agencies below. Please Contact Us for a list of past projects and references.




Never before has so much data been available. We are driven to develop tools to harness data and put them in the hands of researchers, engineers, and policy makers.


We believe in transparency and the communal benefit of open source software. We seek to develop open source tools whenever possible.


Global climate change is an issue of social and environmental justice. As a public benefit corporation we are committed to addressing the challenges of climate change adaptation and actively seek to support the sustainability community and our conservation mission. We strive to support equitable solutions that benefit whole communities and ecosystems.


Marc Shapiro
Principal Engineer

Marc Shapiro

Marc is a mechanical engineer with expertise in geospatial data processing, cloud-native analytics, and remote sensing.

With a diverse background in fluid mechanics, geospatial analytics, and mobile health-care, Marc is driven to improve environmental stewardship through intentional application of modern science, data, and technology. In previous roles, Marc lead the development of TabSINT, an open-source hearing assessment framework, and WeatherCitizen, a crowd-sourcing platform for environmental observations.

Apart from work, Marc plays music in bluegrass groups across New England and is a hobby mycologist.